I’ll be honest, my garden needs a bit of a tidy up in places.  There’s only so far ‘cottage garden style’ can go before it loses it’s impact and just becomes a lie in a… View Post

My garden has been my sanctuary this week. I’ve felt sad this past seven days.  Sad about the referendum result.  Sad about the divisions that have appeared in our country.  Sad for those leave voters… View Post

The weekend saw gorgeous blue skies and a very strong sun beaming upon us.  It had been a hectic half term, so we made a last minute decision to go to beautiful Bath.  It is… View Post

This week is all about flowers.  Pure flower indulgence. OUR FIRST ROSE IS NEARLY OUT.  SUMMER MUST BE SO CLOSE NOW. WE HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AQUILEGIA OUT NOW   The first peonies are out… View Post

We live in a higgledy piggledy Victorian cottage.  It’s not one of those beautiful chocolate-box, Lark Rise to Candleford type cottages; rather it’s a bit run down and quirky but we love it.  One of the… View Post