Oh it’s been just so so lovely and sunny for the last couple of days.  And it has been very easy to forget the arctic winds and hail storms of just a few days ago.  How… View Post

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ‘My Favourite Things’ ~ The Sound of Music La la la….I’ve been singing this to myself all week after trying to capture the rain and dew drops on… View Post

  We have blossom! Hurray! For weeks I have been admiring other people’s gorgeous pictures of blossom emerging from more southern latitudes, and now it has finally arrived with us!  This is the damson blossom… View Post

I’m sitting looking at the windows with the rain pouring down, leaving silvery trails. Finally, we have some rain. Sounds odd to even say that considering how much rain we had this winter.  But ever… View Post

Do you think it’s here? Spring? It’s certainly started to feel that way this last week or so.  There has been definite sunshine (I even fell asleep sitting on the decking on the weekend, face… View Post