Living slower has meant that I have been able to embrace a more creative lifestyle.  A couple of years ago my mum bought me a sewing machine, and it stayed nestled in its box for a good number of months; work was too busy for me to find the space to face emptying the box, let alone reading the instruction book.  Once I had slowed down, though, out it came, and the wonky sewing commenced.  So far my sewing has consisted of primarily straight-lined projects (!), although I was rather pleased to have created a heart-shaped cushion for my daughter at her request.


More recently I have picked up crochet hooks for the first time, and I am loving teaching myself this from you tube tutorials.  (If you are an interested hooker-to-be, the Bella Coco blog was the best I found to learn.) My mother is, and my grandmother and great-grandmother were, exceptional at crochet, so I figure I must have a dormant gene somewhere within that needs to re-awawken!


Being creative is so therapeutic. The act itself is calming, and the sense of achievement of making something from scratch is so up-lifting. More so when you see how proud it makes your children and husband! What a wonderful lesson to teach your kids too – that it’s good to give things a go, and it’s okay if your stitching is wonky.  It’s about the joy, not the perfection.

I’ll be sharing some of my creations here, and would love to see some of yours if you pop the links in the comments.

Happy hooking!