“A garden is a place to find yourself when you want to lose yourself.”

~ taken from a greeting card by  coulson macleod

I love being in the garden. It’s therapeutic and so satisfying. We are blessed with a really good sized garden; blessed and sometimes overwhelmed! I love that gardens have minds of their own, and can quickly become wild and unruly! Yet by working in harmony with your garden you can really make something very beautiful and productive.

I’ve always been a weeding and mowing kind of gardener – mainly because I never felt I had the time to get more into design and planning. Now, though, I am learning a lot more about what, how and where to plant things. I want to grow my own veg as much as possible (and as much as the greedy wood pigeons will allow!), and to create lovely spaces where my husband and I can sit and chill of an evening. I also have to make my garden a practical space for my two children, one of whom is football mad.

This year I made a resolution to get out into the garden every single day, for as little or as much as I could. Already I have seen a huge transformation in how the garden is looking, and I hope to share this journey here on my blog. (I have started a #myyearinthegarden over on instagram if you are interested!)

I’m building raised veg beds, digging out new borders and planning a lovely, open space to permanently house our guinea pigs and rabbit.

Whilst all these things are wonderful projects to be embarking upon, what’s most important is that time outdoors, with the sun (or more likely, rain) on my face, working with nature, being visited by robins and, as the quote above says, finding myself when I want to lose myself.