Hello Mr Blue Sky


Oh it’s been just so so lovely and sunny for the last couple of days.  And it has been very easy to forget the arctic winds and hail storms of just a few days ago.  How forgiving we are about the weather when it is kind to us!


The garden has been pretty forgiving of the weather too, and leaves that had seemed to suddenly stop unfurling in the cold snap, have started to unfold once more.  There is no more beautiful a leaf in my garden right now than this beauty…



Stunning, huh?!  And how gorgeous do the greens look against such deep blue skies?


The beech hedge that had a good pruning from my husband is going a lovely light green…what I want to know is where the old, brown leaves go?  It’s as though they dissolve when the new ones appear, as I can’t see any under the hedge.  It’s a mystery!


Before I share some pretties, I thought I would share how my seedlings and veg beds are doing.



My shallots are storming along! So exciting.  Some of the carrots are through, I’m not sure how they will fare as there are only a few and they are right next to each other!  My garlic looks a bit leggy I think?  I never grown any of these before, so it’s all a bit of a learning curve.


Next door gave us a dozen strawberry plants, as they had gone nuts over in their patch and had lots of babies.  Today I spotted the very beginnings of an actual berry.  I need to lift the nets higher so those [naughty] wood pigeons don’t get them.

In the greenhouse much has been happening..



And my little outdoor nursery kept these plants well-protected from last week’s frost:


I also took delivery of a dozen bags of this lovely stuff…



Lots of lovely, well rotted, horse poo!  I never though poo would get me quite so excited.  I guess that makes me a real gardener now (dirty fingernails included).

So that’s the ‘productive side’, let’s finish on some pretties that have emerged these last couple of weeks.






In a final note, we are off to the RHS Malvern Spring Garden Show this coming Sunday.  I am really excited about it.  I can’t wait to see the show gardens and gather lots of ideas.

In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine and have a lovely week.  I’m going to make sure I spend a little time just sitting and soaking up my garden vibes as well as working/digging/sweating!

Linking once more to the fabulous How does you garden grow? over at the exquisite Fable & Folk.



  1. Sarah Ella (Mumx3x)
    May 6, 2016 / 8:14 am

    Lovely photos! The weather has been amazing this past week, I hope it stays! I’ve enjoyed blue skies, too! Your seedlings are doing well! And I LOVE the bluebells, so pretty! We’ve spotted some recently, too.

    • Sarah Ella (Mumx3x)
      May 6, 2016 / 8:14 am

      Found your blog via #HDYGG 🙂

      • Elizabeth
        May 12, 2016 / 10:31 am

        Hello Sarah it’s lovely to meet you! Thank you – I hope you have had blue skies this week 🙂 x

  2. May 6, 2016 / 5:16 pm

    Oh blue skies! It’s been such a lovely day today, the greens look awesome against the blue don’t they?
    Your greenhouse and garden are looking positively peachy – I did chuckle at your new found love of horse poo. It get’s us all in the end!
    Thanks for joining in again with your lovely photos x

    • Elizabeth
      May 12, 2016 / 10:32 am

      Oh yes, horse poo is my new favourite thing! Thank you for hosting Annie! xx

  3. May 7, 2016 / 4:54 am

    the garden is looking lush and rich in colour and the contrast with the blue sky is stunning

    • Elizabeth
      May 12, 2016 / 10:32 am

      Thank you 🙂 x

  4. May 7, 2016 / 11:26 am

    Lovely garden! So clean and neat and everything looks like they are doing great. Seeing the horse poo made me think of donkey poo! There are lots in the beach and at the back of my mind I want to get them as we always visit but I dont think my son will be up to it! #hdygg

    • Elizabeth
      May 12, 2016 / 10:33 am

      Oh I wish I had the nerve to post the not-so-neat photos! But thank you! Yes – go get the donkey poo, I’m sure it must have the same effect?! x

  5. May 10, 2016 / 8:43 pm

    Blue skies and blossom – you just can’t beat them can you? And your green house looks very productive too #hdygg

    • Elizabeth
      May 12, 2016 / 10:33 am

      Thanks Stephanie! x

  6. May 10, 2016 / 9:52 pm

    All looks gorgeous and I love to see seedlings coming through, can see that you’ve been really busy.

    • Elizabeth
      May 12, 2016 / 10:33 am

      Thank you – it’s amazing how there is always so much to do! x

  7. May 11, 2016 / 9:12 am

    The blue skies we’ve had over the last few days have been a welcome sight 🙂 I really like beech hedges — when the leaves go brown and the wind ripples through them it makes a fantastic noise. Lots going on in your outdoor nursery, I think Spring is one of the best times of year for us gardeners!

    • Elizabeth
      May 12, 2016 / 10:34 am

      Oh yes, I love this time of year, it’s awesome…things change so rapidly and the garden is full of promise! x

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