This year I’ve started to be more mindful of the food we eat as a family. We have started to eat organic produce wherever possible (and when money allows), and we have a weekly organic veg box delivered.

There has also been a new man in my life – much to my husband and children’s amusement. They all know to ask, when faced with a new meal, ‘is this a Jamie’? If you are new to cooking from scratch I just cannot recommend enough, Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food. Thanks to Jamie I have overcome my fear of gravy-making and discovered a love of chilli and coriander!

Slowing down has meant that I have spent more time in the kitchen, putting my own twist on recipes and re-discovering recipes handed down to me from my mum.

I’ll be sharing many of these on my blog. I’m not a whizzy chef – far from it. But I love delicious, home cooked food, and I’m passionate about not using (or resorting to) ready meals.

I hope you enjoy and be sure to comment with any links to recipes that you love too.